Betekenis van Lion Tattoos

Betekenis van Lion Tattoos

There are many meanings of lion tattoos. People who opt for a lion tattoo want to gain strength in their lives. It is mostly to give out signals of power and authority. Do you want to know more about what do lion tattoos mean? Then let me explain it to you in a little more detail.

One of the meanings of lion tattoos has its basis in a fairy tale story ofThe Wizard of Oz’. The story has a character of a cowardly lion, who wanted courage all his life. Thus, those who are a bit scared in their lives and want something to boost their courage, the lion tattoo meaning will surely help them muster up some courage.

You may like to choose a sitting lion design, that is cool and regal in appearance. This lion tattoo means you are a person that is in charge of your strength and power. In order to gain respect, you do not need to show your teeth. A lion tattoo in attack pose, has a different meaning. This lion tattoos meaning gives out a signal that you won’t shy away from standing up to yourself.

Lion tattoo meanings are also a way to represent your astrological sign of Leo. Die Leeu Een is 'n simbool van 'n warm hart persoon, wat ruim, liefdevolle en 'n bietjie baasspelerig, bietjie neerbuigend en 'n bietjie arrogant. In die geval van die Christendom, die leeu tattoos betekenis van 'n ikoon van geregtigheid en krag. In Buddhism, the meaning of lion tattoos symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Dit is 'n voorstelling van die Lion troon bekend as Simhasana, die troon van wysheid. In Hindoeïsme dit verteenwoordig Lord Krishna, te danke aan sy uitstraal energie en aura.

Die Egiptenare het die simbool van twee leeus sit rug aan rug balans te verteenwoordig. The lion statues were placed outside many sacred places representing guardianship. Thus, the lion tattoos meaning hold true for the virtues of protection and security. The sword and lion is a symbol of power of Islam and one of the most popular designs in Persia.

This was all about the male lion, die koning van die diere. Maar, Ons moet nie vergeet van die tatoo ontwerpe wat sy beter helfte verteenwoordig, die leeu. Die wyfie is wat verband hou met die maan en in antieke Egipte, Sy was 'n simbool van kraam. The lioness was represented as the mother goddess that gave birth to all that exists. There is another legend among the many stories of King Arthur, that the lost city of Lyonesse orshe-lionlies just beyond the city of Cornwall.

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