Ennen kuin saat Tattoo

Tiedät, että haluat tatuoinnin, niin mitä tulee seuraavaksi? You have to know the laws in your area, make yourself aware of the health issues and concerns, ja puhua vanhemmille ennen kuin siirrytään eteenpäin. Tatuoinnit ovat elämän ja pidempään, if you don’t make an educated decision there will come a time when you regret what you did. Here, we put together essential information for the tattoo hungry teen.Drawing Tattoo

Are your parents on board?

The most important thing teens need to consider before getting inked is how their parents feel about it. If your parents are not on board nothing else will matter. Ask your parents what they think and how they feel. If they object, listen carfeully and do as they wish. This is not a control issue, it is a waiting issue. You can always get a tattoo when you are older.

Are you legally old enough to be tattooed?

Many teens think that all they need is parental consent to get a tattoo but it is really more complicated than that. Convincing your parents is often only half the battle. If it is not legal to tattoo somebody your age where you live no amount of parental consent will get you your ink. Vanhempasi ei voi suostua pois lain. Jos et ole oikeassa iässä, halusimmepa sitä tai ei sinun tarvitse odottaa.

Do you know what you want?

OK, you can legally and parentally get a tattoo, the next step is finding something with meaning. Sure, tatuointi flash että näet seinät paikalliselta tatuointi saliin voi olla viileä, mutta yleinen taito ei vain sinun. Ottaa flash kuva, että haluat ja muokata sitä puhua persoonallisuuttasi. Choose a tattoo with meaning for you and you can’t go wrong.

Do you know the risks?

There are risks associated with tattooing beyond the obvious short term pain. Unsanitary tattoo parlors do exists and they can be deadly. There are always risks of allergic reactions and disease transmission when you have a tattoo done. You can reduce the risk by knowing about health risks and what tattoo parlors should be doing to keep you safe before getting inked.

Have you found a good artist?

The difference between a nice tattoo and an amazing tattoo all comes down to the artist. A good artist can make your tattoo dreams a reality but a bad artist can turn your tattoo experience into a nightmare. Be picky, this tattoo will be with you for life and longer.

Are you ready to take care of the tattoo?

Tattoos require aftercare in order to avoid infection. Are you ready to look after your tattoo? Do you know what it means to care for a tattoo while it is healing? Kaikki mitä tarvitsee tietää auttaa uusi tatuointi parantua.
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