Pourquoi les gens font le piercing, de toute façon?

Pour comprendre la «psychologie piercing" vous devez vous rappeler que c'est juste – tout – est une parure. À savoir, ce qui motive les gens à mettre cette boucle d'oreille est le désir d'embellir son corps afin de produire certaine impression ou de créer une image. Encore, il ya d'autres raisons, aside of those to make one’s body more appealing.

Primary, it’s the desire to go “nostril-to-nostril” with the fashion trends. With this in mind, people place earrings on most visible body parts. Secondly, folks strive for that exclusive distinguishing look. In this case, the desire to stay out of flock could gradually result in putting on yet more and more “frills”. À savoir, ones this special image among those without piercing is achieved, people start to pursue new heights in acquiring the fanciest look among the others who sport those earrings, too! This way, area- and regional champions appear in certain social groups or hangouts.

One of the hidden reasons is going for sexier look. Here we are not necessary talking about some complex sexual self-assurance issue. It’s just an extra attention among the potential partners, more chances for meeting someone which people are after. Some even rely on this as and aid in striking the conversation.

In general, an idea to overcome one of personal complexes by body piercing is fair reason to look for that piercing specialist and quite simple way to solve psychological issue. Though, it is simple only if the procedure would be gone with no bad consequences, the wound will heal smoothly and your body accepts new tuning without the rebellion.

Numerous cases show us that idolizing these poster-models or one’s cult figures could play as powerful reason for modifying someone’s own appearance. Piercing is not an exception here, and there is not only TV-stars to stay for a hero, but any other popular individuals who is a role-model in close social group.

People commonly possess a desire to be different, and not only on a personal level, but also with the way they create their own social groups, adopting one or the other significant outer attributes as a signs of belonging. Everyone can recall such groups like sport club fans, bikers, “metallists”, sexual minorities, etc. Now, if someone wants to feel belonged, accepted by certain social group, to be recognizable by those who sport, for an example, some distinctive piercing, here comes more than obvious motive for it!

There are some another cases, somewhat foreign for our environment, when specific punctures of even scars are a-must ritual for entering certain cult society or organization. At the end, il n'est pas si rare quand le désir d'avoir de multiples perforations sur le visage et le corps est originaire des anomalies psychiques, et ils ont parfois tendance à une abondance excessive.

Sexe prend sa place importante dans notre vie, il n'est donc pas étonnant de voir le désir d'utiliser des boucles d'oreille pour l'auto- et extra-stimulation du partenaire. Pour y parvenir, le piercing est fait sur les parties du corps directement impliqués dans les jeux sexuels. Ceux-ci sont, tout d'abord, la langue et les organes génitaux immédiats. Cette perforation est le plus souvent faite par les personnes d'âge plus 35 et qui est, après rafraîchissement sexuelle pour eux-mêmes et leurs partenaires. Quand elle est réalisée pour femmes, piercing intime, est parfaitement sécuritaire, mais chez les hommes, il peut endommager les fonctions physiologiques, y compris celles qui résulte de la mise au point d'un tissu cicatriciel.

Parfois, il est nécessaire d'avoir professionnel pur les mamelons ou le nombril orné - comme chez les artistes montrent torse nu ou danseurs de sport, etc.

As soon as we accept that the decision to beautify one’s body is deeply personal issue, il devient alors évident que cette décision ne peut pas être un sujet de pression critique de personne.

And if we speculate that with this piercing he or she is probably overcoming deep inner psychological problems – for an instance, gets rid of some complex – then we look differently at this person with, say, an earring in the eyebrow, as we should be happy for such people.

The urge for the distinctive appearance, desire to show-off, be one-of-kind sits in deep sub-conscience of much many. Cependant, among them are those who scare, hang-up, nurture their complexes: like, they want – and they don’t. Now, watching others, free of such hesitations and doubts, these people vent their envy and unrealized desires by sub-conscious critical coming on the folks with piercing done.

Piercing est le type de service médical, de sorte que le spécialiste doivent être bien formés et qualifiés. Quand il est si, your Specialist is comfortable with any kind of piercing. Regrettably, there are cases when the piercing is left to sophomores or someone with no special education. In this unfortunate event, non seulement ces personnes peuvent effectuer la procédure moche, mais aussi, tout en se sentant incertain, they create this extra nervousness in the office. If piercing Specialist is nervous or just not feeling well, then his or her negative energy will affect the patient in bad way. Moreover, the consequences could not only be external. Organisme entier pourrait être endommagé énergie. Et à l'opposé: plein d'assurance, Maître toujours bien désireux qui aime ses patients devrait stimuler une meilleure cicatrisation de sa propre énergie positive. Parlez de magie!

“Stranger’s eye”, dependently on watcher’s neurotic or psychic status, can specifically affect the patient’s organism. Pour la même raison, il ne faut pas tourner la procédure de piercing en exposition publique spectacle.

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