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Angel tattoo designs are used by men and women alike. Aceste modele de tatuaje sunt foarte populare in aceste zile. Există un număr de modele tatuaj înger și fiecare dintre ei au propriile lor semnificații. Bărbații și femeile au ales pentru a obține aceste tatuaje ca un simbol al devotamentului lor religioase. Angels are normally found in almost all religions. St. Michael, the archangel slaying Satan, is one of the very famous and popular body art piece. These tattoos are made on any part of the body including arms, forearms, shoulders, chest, legs, back and lower back. Angel tattoos are often symbolic to men. Men who are extremely fond of women are said to wear these tattoos. However, as there are angel tattoo designs for men, there angel tattoo designs for women as well. You may wish you learn more on angel rib tattoos. Read further for the history of angel tattoos and more about angel tattoo designs.

History of Angel Tattoos
Angels are a part of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and angels play similar roles in all of these religions even though there are differences in the three religions. Angels perform the job of a bridge between the Almighty and a common man. They are said to be the messengers as well as protectors of faith. They fight evil, keep a track of all good and bad deeds of people, as well as carry out the orders given by God. Angels guard heaven as well as hell. The other meanings of angel tattoos are peace, beauty, innocence and purity, spirituality, protection, devotion, faith and love. Some angels are depicted as fun loving and peaceful cherubs while some are shown as powerful, strong and filled with God’s strength of God, like the guardian angels.

Angel Tattoo Designs
The size of angel tattoo depends on the person. He can get a small tattoo made or a large one. Some of the large angel tattoos cover the entire back. Often the tattoos are pictured with wings. The tattoo designs are normally taken from classical art. A number of tattoo designs have their origin in middle age and Renaissance art. The angel tattoo designs are usually combined with swords, harps, trumpets, banners, bows, halos, clouds, fairies, a cross or a devil. The angel tattoo designs can also be combined with tribal tattoos. Now lets see what are the various angel tattoo designs.

Angel Wing Tattoos
The angel wing tattoos are either depicted as a whole angel, which is in a classical pose of either flying or resting. There are some people who opt only for angel wings in their tattoo design. These tattoos are often made in between the shoulders. As that is the area, where the wings would have been placed, if humans had wings.

Guardian Angel Tattoos:
These tattoos come in different sizes and shapes. Whatever be the size and shape of these tattoos, ei au un scop singular și că este de a proteja persoana care îl poartă. The best advantage of these guardian angels tattoo is that they always protect the wearer in all good and bad times. They are normally shown to be holding or keeping a watch over children.

Cherub Tattoos
Often people assume cherub tattoos to be synonymous angel tattoos. These tattoos are usually naked, have wings and look like babies. These are often male babies and are pictured as sitting on clouds with trumpets or bows in their hands. These cherub tattoos are said to be bringers of love. The best known cherub is the cupid, care îi face pe oameni se încadrează în dragoste de fotografiere o săgeată în inimile lor.

Arhanghel Tattoo
The word ‘arch’ means chief in the Greek language. Arhanghelii sunt în număr de șapte și acești îngeri dețin cel mai înalt rang în tatuaje. Acestea sunt cunoscute ca fiind cea mai apropiată de Dumnezeu, cum stăteau înaintea lui Dumnezeu în Apocalipsa. Ca și cum am menționat anterior,, cel mai celebru tatuaj Arhanghel este cel al St. Michael, a warrior angel. Lucifer is another archangel, who became a fallen angel with the name Satan.

Fallen Angel Tattoo
Like humans, angels also have free will and hence are free to choose to do good or bad things. The fallen angels are called fallen angels, because they have fallen for wrong things. These angels are banished from heaven for disobeying the orders given by God. The fallen angels have a menacing look and torn wings and horns. These angels often have a thug-like appearance. The fallen angel Satan, is also considered as an archangel. The other famous fallen angels are Leviathan and Beelzebub.

Angel of Death Tattoo
The angel of death is in the category of dark tattoos and is also known as the Grim Reaper. However, there is a difference in the way both angel of death tattoos and grim reaper tattoos are pictured. The angel of death is shown with wings, whereas the grim reaper is shown without wings. Sometimes Satan is identified as the angel of death. In the Roman Catholic faith, there are two angels of death. Michael is the good angel of death and Samael is an evil angel of death.

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